The BIGBANG Blue Band Rocks Nicely

A friend recently sent me via e-mail a link to a  @NylonPink video in YouTube.

I must confess, I had never heard of this band and was curious to find out how good they might be.

I clicked on the link and, as the YouTube page finished downloading, I was pleasantly

surprised by the melodious music coming from their latest BIGBANG Blue video.

When I first saw the cover of the video, I thought that the band was a metal rock one. However, appearances can certainly be decieving. The vocalist was gently holding the mike as she uttered the lyrics of the love song, BINGBANG Blue.  The music arrangement by this all-female band is exquisitely done to enhance the message of the BINGBANG Blue lyrics and heighten the vocalist’s voice. Undoubtly, @NylonPink is made up of very talented female musicians with new perspectives to offer through their music.

BIGBANG Blue English

Furthermore, the choreography complements the band’s attire and the spirit of the song. Thus, it provides the overall scenario with a vibrant yet, sonant energy. This overall arrangement help the BINGBAND Blue English lyrics come to life on my mind. Images seem to materialize, in an ethereal way, in my imagination as the flow of the music enfolds my senses. As I let myself follow the music, I can see the break-up. Each word makes me feel her disappointment. I can touch her pain in every note.  Her anguish becomes palpable with every tone. Yet, as I witness the woman’s transformation into renewed strength and resolve to not let her sorrow bring her down, I find her determination inspiring. She emerges from her sadness singing the BIGBANG Blue. Sometimes, it takes some pain to boost one’s creativity.

The BIGBANG Blue is certainly a song that breaks generational barriers and validates the story of anyone who has ever been in that situation. I can easily picture countless lonely hearts singing the BIGBAND Blue English song while wiping their tears as they remember their lost love. After all, what can be better than singing along the blues when your heart is broken?

Indeed, the band performs this song very pleasantly, making it very enjoyable to listen to. Therefore, once the video stopped, I decided on the spot to add it to one of my favorite videos in YouTube. I am sure that you will enjoy it, too.



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